welcome to Fiore Village! a modern day, real life RP that is based off the game Harvest Moon. We are a no word count, shipper app site. While Fiore has been around for a few years now, we are brand spanking new on jcink. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask Edel or Eros!
Cape, Mass
set in March, 2018

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Aisling Breckenridge Captain 25-December 17 16
Ama Cadwallader Captain 25-December 17 22
Angelica Wolff Captain 5-January 18 14
Anissa Crake Boatswain 27-December 17 3
astrid capulet Members 29-March 18 1
Audrey Anderson Rigger 5-January 18 3
Aurelien St. Croix merfolk 30-December 17 7
Brayden Alvarez Rigger 27-December 17 10
Caera Byrne Rigger 9-March 18 19
Chae Choe merfolk 8-March 18 15
Crevan Breckenridge Boatswain 27-December 17 7
dorian tremblay Members 14-March 18 1
Dotty Tucker Boatswain 26-January 18 18
Edel Admin 17-June 17 122
Edmondo Nespola Members 5-January 18 1
Eros Admin 25-December 17 42
Ethan Salvatore Captain 26-December 17 21
Felice St. Croix merfolk 27-December 17 19
Felicity Harper Boatswain 24-January 18 9
Garon St. Croix merfolk 28-December 17 7
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sknned by vanessa of shine and caution