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Cape, Mass
set in March, 2018

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 Edmondo M. Nespola, 20, Diego Boneta, Student
Edmondo Nespola
PRONOUNS: she/her
Awards: None
edomondo nespola
full name: edmondo marcello nespola
nickname: ed/eddy
gender: cis male
date of birth: june 14, 1997
age: 20
hometown: washington dc
occupation: student
education: junior at George Washington University
religion: church of the goddess
ethnicity: italian
member group: rigger
mother, elena
father, carlo


way too many to list

children: none
pets: 3 year old white persian cat named Vadik

sexual orientation: straight
relationship status: single
current partner: none
past partners: a few but nothing too serious

Photographic Memory : Ed doesn’t know if it’s biological, but he always had it, making him remember things extremely well.
Knows the town library like the back of his hand: A lover of English and literature, Ed has spent a lot of time in the library. He also works there when he can.
Making friends: Most people often judge him by his looks before getting to know him. Because of that, he often keeps to himself, speaking only when spoken to.
Ed was born to Carlo and Elena on June 14, as the second to the youngest son. He was born three weeks early but was still a very healthy baby. Growing up, he was often ostracized for his Italian background like everyone else in his family. Of course, it wasn’t as bad for him, but it still hurt nevertheless. Unlike his older brothers who would throw punches, Ed would keep to himself even if it made the situation worse for him. He was never one for violence. If someone hit him, he’d never hit back, making him go home with a broken nose or a black eye on few occasions. This worried his parents and made his older brothers angry, but he opted out of having them beat up his assailants.

When he hit high school, the bullying died down. It was still there, but people seemed to mature. People were more interested in dating and getting drunk over picking at the Italian kid. Plus, having the town know all your older brothers were in the Navy, one being a Navy seal, scared people off. Ed remained a quiet kid in high school, only interacting if he needed to. He would delve into his books and write short stories and poems or solve hard puzzles when he could. If he weren't working at the family-owned garage, he’d be reading. One would expect his siblings to bother him about it, but they let him do his own thing, knowing that he dealt enough with other people calling him weird. They just wanted him happy and were happy he wasn’t fight-prone like themselves.

As much as Ed would’ve liked to follow the path of his siblings and the men in the family, he decided not to enlist in the Navy when he was 15. He didn’t believe he could offer any help, despite his high knowledge of language and photographic memory. His parents shrugged it off like nothing, happy someone wasn’t heading off to battle. It was one less son to keep them up at night, making them question if some officer would come to their door to tell them a son died. He, of course, has much respect for his brothers, uncles, father, and grandfathers.

Despite his lack of interest in the family business, he still finds ways to help out. He may not know how to fix anything, but he’s a great file organizer and phone person. Due to his love of reading, writing and anything literature, he strives to become a librarian or literary teacher. He’ll often be found at the town library or home reading and working. Ed isn’t much of an outdoors guy, but he’ll occasionally swim, fish and walk with his brothers. If anything, he’s more focused on making his family proud, despite his different career choice. Ed is currently at George Washington University with an English Major with an Italian language and literature minor.

APPEARANCE: It must be a family thing, where all the men in the family look scary or intimidating. Ed doesn't have the ripped to shreds look like his older brothers, but he has the pale skin, creepy kid body. Despite being Italian, Ed's skin isn't as dark as his brothers because he is rarely seen outside unless he's gardening or out with his family to enjoy a walk or a small fishing trip. He's more of a homebody, hence his paler skin and lanky body.

Ed isn't ripped to shreds like his brothers, but it doesn't mean he can't defend himself. Growing up, his brothers taught him how to throw a punch even if he wasn't a fan. He may not have the muscle and skin, but Ed does have the known height of the Christoffel men. Ed stands at 6'03" with a weight of 160lbs.

Ed likes to dress surprisingly well. He prefers button-down shirts, ties, and slacks over jeans and flannel making him look a lot older than he does. He also likes to keep a clean-shaven face. Ed can grow a full beard but shaves daily to keep his smooth, professional face. The only time he'll dress sloppy is if he's gardening or at home in the eyes of his family. His friends haven't even seen him in sweats or a stained t-shirt.

For facial expressions and structure, Ed has what a lot of people call chronic bitch face. He looks unhappy and angry almost ALL the time, deterring people from interacting with him. It's something Ed doesn't know about; he just does it. Ed also doesn't have the strapping chiseled chin like his older brothers. He has a rounder face and stern eyes that could make a little kid cry (which did happen once, sadly).

Ed is a very sweet and intelligent guy who loves his family. He holds people that are dear to him very close and would lose a limb and few organs for them. Sadly, his chronic bitch face tends to deter people from getting to know him. They all automatically assume he hates the world and everyone in it, which isn't true at all! Due to his scholarly nature, Ed loves having intellectual and profound conversations with people. A lot of what he learns is from conversations and stories with people at the library, on the street, or with his grandparents. If he's interested in something or wants to learn more, he'll dive into it head first and study it for days on end until he considers himself an expert.

His intelligence can also come off as bragging or annoying to some people, making him self-conscious about when to talk intellectually in public. At home, he's a loose cannon, spewing terms and ideas that his family has no clue about. The downside of this is he will talk and talk for hours on end about some subject or debate how an author wrote a book. Due to his excessive rambling, he tries to save his excitement in the privacy of his friends at home from the judgmental eyes of other peers and people.

When meeting new people, he can be shy or scare them off. But once someone gets to know him, they'll see he's a regular guy trying to make sure he's in the approval of his family and figuring out his life's path. Seeing Ed isn't enlisting in the Navy and is a pacifist, he struggles with the idea of letting the family tradition down the drain. Despite his parents and relatives approving of his life decision, he still worries about the notion of disapproval.

Bullying is not something new to Ed. His whole family experienced prejudice while he grew up, but the bullying finally died down after he moved to Fiore with his family. A new, calm place that there were more quirky people. Ed is intelligent and his book smarts could easily make people jealous or even annoyed
Ed never had any relationships in high school but he had a few in college. Nothing major, as the girls, often ended them when they found him too nice to their liking. He's hoping to settle down eventually but maybe in ten years when he's settled his foundation.
the player
alias: edel.
pronouns: she/her.
age: 23.
timezone: est.
mature content: yes.

other characters:

too many to list ;)
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