welcome to Fiore Village! a modern day, real life RP that is based off the game Harvest Moon. We are a no word count, shipper app site. While Fiore has been around for a few years now, we are brand spanking new on jcink. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask Edel or Eros!
Cape, Mass
set in March, 2018

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 Jacqueline R.Porter, 20,College Student , Jennifer Lawrence
Awards: None
Jacqueline Porter
full name: Jacqueline Reese Porter
nickname: Jackie
gender: female
date of birth: November 13, 1997
age: 20
hometown: NYC
occupation: College Student
education: answer
religion: Atheist
ethnicity: Caucasian
member group: Captain
mother, Teresa Porter
father, Josef Porter


Rents Porter, 30
Dean Porter,

children: None
pets: Yorki

sexual orientation: Heterosexual
relationship status: Single
current partner: None
past partners: answer

talent 1: description
talent 2: description
talent 3: description
weakness 1: description
weakness: description
weakness description

HEIGHT: 5'9 WEIGHT: 129 lbs BODY TYPE: Slim/Athletic HAIR COLOR & STYLE: Honey-Blonde, Wavy EYE COLOR: Blue SKIN COLOR: Fair BIRTHMARKS: A few moles on her face, neck, and chest. TATTOOS: None APPEARANCE: Jackie has blonde hair that she usually styles in waves. Clear blue eyes and a fair amount of moles scattered about her body. The young heiress comes from a background of money, so her wardrobe is custom made to fit her slender body type. She favors form fitting jeans, dressy but casual enough blouses, and comfortable shoe wear. As for makeup Jackie enjoys looking natural leaving bold and extravagant looks for special occasions. She doesn't enjoy chunky jewelry and prefers the simple but beautiful necklace her mother gifted her before her passing. PERSONALITY: Aggressive and stubborn would be two words that describe Jacquelinen. Though on the outside she seems unapproachable and tough she genuinely cares for people close to her. Jackie is passive and usually reserved around strangers, though she's not bad at getting along with them . She's generous and the type of person who gives more than she takes. Jacqueline is a very strong-willed female that always speaks her mind and refuses to sugarcoat anything. She enjoys reading literature she could spent hours sitting in a corner with a good book on her lap. Around her family and friends, she is a funny, caring girl . To others that she doesn't know well she come off as standoffish and uninterested. Aloof and sarcastic as she may seem at first glance, once she get's to know you she might still be a bit of a jerk but that how she shows she cares. She is bold and not afraid to tell you what she thinks, many appreciate her honesty others cringe and distanced themselves from her. Beneath all that attitude and superior complex Jackie is a loyal and fierce friend. She only has two pictures that she keeps on her at all times. The first was with her parents crouched beside her. Her small arms stretched out to wrap around them. She feels warm, safe and loved. The second was with her two brothers. She is sandwiched between the two young boys, all of them dressed In their best clothes In what looks to be a church. She feels happy and protected. "Baby girl, look at the camera for momma." A soft feminine voice calls out. A toddler no older than three looks towards the blonde haired woman who is holding a camera and gives her a toothy smile. "That's right princess, smile for daddy show me those pearly whites." A deeper masculine voice rang out, he gives the toddler a kind smile his blue eyes sparkling with joy. “Look how it wiggles Jacks isn't it cute" Came the innocent, curious voice of young Dean Porter. Green eyes filled with excitement as he held a tiny wiggling worm. "Reese, don’t touch it!" a teenage Remus calls out and snatches the three-year-old from his baby brothers arms. Dean pouts and glares at his older brother before throwing the worm at him. "You're no fun Rem!" He whines and runs away. These were the type of memories that kept Jacqueline going strong. She was waiting by the window watching as the snow melted into raindrops on her bedroom window. A small frown forms on the toddler's cherubic face. Her pink cheeks puff up in annoyance. “Aww, Cheer up Reeses maybe they ran into some traffic on the way here.” Jacqueline heard her older brother Remus say. “ But Rem, Momma, and Daddy said they’ll be here early. Tomorrow is Christmas. What if they don’t make it” Came the whinny voice of the fussy blonde. Remus chuckles and muses the blonde babe's locks. “Don’t worry they’ll be here. “ He taps her gently on the nose. The doorbell rings, Jacqueline all but runs towards the door a chuckling Remus on her trail. She was expecting her parents and older brother at the door. What she got instead where two gloomy looking adults dressed in uniforms. She didn’t understand why Remus was crying and holding her tight. Her small hands reach up as she tries to wipe her brother's tear-stained face. “Cheer up Rem. Momma and Daddy are almost here. We can play outside when Dean comes home.” That only made Remus hold her tighter. Living with Grandma Gertie while Rem was at NYU wasn't so bad. Nana would let Jaqueline help her bake cookies and pastries and even lick the spoon while they baked. Rem would visit on the holidays always bringing Jackie small mementos, like her favorite stuff animal Rocky the stuffed penguin. When the time came to move from Nana, it was hard on Jackie. The young blonde didn't want to leave her grams behind, but when Rem is set on something, no one could change his mind. That is how the Porter siblings came to live in Fiore Village Massachusetts. Jacqueline is now starting her second year at Boston Uni.

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the player
alias: Angie.
pronouns: She/Her.
age: 25.
timezone: Eastern.
mature content: Yes.
list any triggers you have here!

other characters:

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