welcome to Fiore Village! a modern day, real life RP that is based off the game Harvest Moon. We are a no word count, shipper app site. While Fiore has been around for a few years now, we are brand spanking new on jcink. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask Edel or Eros!
Cape, Mass
set in March, 2018

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Plot and History
The History of Fiore Village

Fiore Village was established in the early 1700’s by Italian Priest, Amerigo Fiore, who had traveled to the New World to spread his teachings of the Harvest Goddess, Aria and her sisters, Indah the Sky Goddess and Coralin, the Sea Goddess.

In the beginning there was nothing but bleak, desolate, darkness. Until the mother Goddess emerged. Aria. She gave the gift of life to the world, creating the green earth for us to sustain ourselves, from the smallest seed to the mightiest oak. Aria spread her love, joy and light, sharing it with the world.

The Goddess Indah soon saw what her sister had done and wanted a part of this as well. So, to her sister’s creations she gave the gift of wind and the gift of fun. Indah shared with the world the wonder and delight of children as well as allowed humans to travel over the seas of her sister Coralin.

Coralin, the eldest and wisest of the sisters poured her wisdom onto the earth and gave the spirit of law to the world. After all nothing can run properly without the law to uphold it. It is said Coralin also created beings in her image.

The settlement had very rough beginnings and extremely tense relations with the English Colonies whose beliefs were vastly different from their own as well as attempting to maintain a friendly relationship with the native people.

As time went on the settlement grew, becoming a fishing village and expanding to become a fishing town. It also became part of the State of Massachusetts. Like most colonies, the beliefs of the people dwindled into nothing but memory as the world changed. The rise of the more popular Christianity turned the Goddesses from divine to little more than an imaginative figure to new generations. Only a handful of people in the Village even remember or pray to the Goddesses.

Today, the Village struggles to maintain itself with fishing. The fishing industry has dwindled to over fishing. Fiore Village does, however, attract many tourists during the Spring to Fall season making up for the lack of fish it produces.

The Plot
There is no overall plot to the site. Instead, Fiore Village is run using a player-run plot system. Each character’s individual plots will collectively make up the story of Fiore Village, emulating the Story of Seasons games. There will be “plots” for the site in terms of Festivals and seasonal (possibly monthly) events that will allow the entire town to interact at one time together.

This being said character plots need to be reasonable and meld with the setting of the site. Don’t go plotting out alien invasions or turning your character into a superhero (of course children’s imaginations don’t count). Keep it realistic, please.

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